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TEARA - The Triangle East ARA

***NOTE*** This site has been hosting historical data for TEARA. It is currently undergoing repairs and being updated to return to being the primary site. The VE Team info is current. Feel free to look around :-)

The TEARA Website was first launched mid-1993 via a server at Glaxo in Zebulon. It was pretty basic, and ran there until sometime in 1994, when I learned that was not the appropriate place for it to be :-) . It was then moved to a space on Geocities. Since then, it has had two previous domain names ( and, and now holds . Over the years, it has grown to several hundreds of pages of content in size.

TEARA has been modtly inactive in recent years, with the exception of the VE Team. Things are changing! Please keep a check on the site, especially in the [CLUB BULLETINS] section, to learn about things coming soon.


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